Microsoft Defender for Office 365

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Use powerful automation to protect your organisation against malicious threats, email compromise, and credential phishing.


Stop phishing attempts in their tracks with Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

Phishing attacks are one of the biggest threats to your organisation.

Posing as innocent-looking emails and URLs, these stealth attacks sneak into your network and can go undetected for months.

And these malicious campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to spot. By the time they’ve been detected, the hacker has infiltrated your network and extracted valuable data.

Defender for Office 365 draws on Microsoft’s extensive security data to help you simulate, detect, contain, and mitigate phishing attacks across your email and Office 365 applications.

27% of businesses experience attacks at least once a week – with phishing attacks accounting for 91% of breaches in large organisations.

UK Government's Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021

Pinpoint and prevent phishing attacks – fast

Superpowered by AI, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 gives you industry-leading protection that goes beyond traditional security tools.

With extended protection that safeguards the collaboration and productivity tools your users rely on; Defender for Office 365 goes one step further to keep your organisation running smoothly – both in and out of the office.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 helps you:

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    Easily adopt – and maintain – the most secure best practice backed configurations

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    Stave off attacks across the kill chain with one complete solution for collaboration

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    Set up powerful automated responses that amplify security across Microsoft products

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    Use industry-leading AI and automation to improve the efficiency of your workflow

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    Identify and remediate user education and awareness gaps before the bad guys do

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    Gain native protection that boosts productivity, simplifies admin., and cuts costs

You’ve got (suspicious) mail

Complex and/or out-of-date device and environment configurations leave your network wide open to smart new attacks. Add multiple users, devices, and off-site locations into the mix and you’ve extended an open invitation for cybercriminals to enter your environment.

Your challenges:

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Poor integration

Complex third-party mail protection solutions take forever to set up, remain imperfect – with admins operating multiple portals.

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Wasted resources

Your current email protection solutions are repetitive, costly, and time-consuming – which means you’re wasting valuable security resources.

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Internal threats

You know your users are key to enhancing your security posture, but they don’t have the right level of threat awareness to work securely.

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Keeping pace

Attacks don’t stop at email – and malicious actors are now adapting their tactics to focus on less-protected platforms.

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Grab your copy!

A buyer’s guide to Microsoft Enterprise Security

Remove the complexity from Microsoft’s comprehensive security technology ecosystem. Download the 40-page e-Guide today and understand:

  • What Microsoft security technologies exist – and their key features and benefits
  • How each technology integrates and works together to maximise your security
  • Microsoft 365 licensing requirements – including a handy infographic

Deploy your best line of defence

You’ll benefit from:

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Attack prevention

Robust filtering prevents a variety of volume-based and targeted attacks, including business email compromise (BEC), credential phishing, ransomware, and advanced malware.

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Augmented detection

Industry-leading AI means you can detect malicious and suspicious content, and correlate attack patterns to identify even the most sophisticated and evasive campaigns.

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Advanced hunting

Powerful experiences help you identify, prioritise, and investigate threats, while advanced hunting capabilities let you track attacks across your entire Office 365 network.

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Automated response

Defender for Office 365 gives you the extensive incident response and automation capabilities you need to amplify your security team’s effectiveness and efficiency.

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Educated users

Attack simulation training – along with integrated experiences within client apps – helps your users build the skills they need to detect, assess, and remediate risks themselves.

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Enduring security

Microsoft Defender for Office 365’s recommended templates, configuration insights, and customisable policies help you stay secure as the threat landscape evolves.

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